Call for long term partnership and invitation for workshop

Twenty years have passed since transition in what now are the New EU Member States (NMSs) has begun. Now let’s see what we have achieved in the civil sector! Do we have a common transition experience? And moreover, is it something that we can share with our neighbours who has just stepped on the road of change?

The Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights (DemNet Hungary) in cooperation with Euclid Network invites you to connect with representatives of NGDOs on the:

“International Workshop for Gathering Information
on Transition Experience”


organised in the framework of HAND Platform’s
(Hungarian Association of NGOs for Humanitarian and Development Aid)




program-series for Hungarian EU Presidency.


Provisional dates (depending on availability): April 28-29, 2011
Site: Hotel Benczúr

Draft - Discussion Note

Proposal for a Civil Society Initiative in the ENPI region1

The ENP Strategic Review process launched last year highlighted the need to consolidate engagement with civil society and non-state actors (NSA) in the implementation of the Neighbourhood Policy, and their involvement in policy monitoring and programming of assistance in the entire ENP region. NSAs' increased involvement would promote cooperation with national authorities and would increase national ownership of reforms and government accountability.

The current Note puts forward a proposal for main components of an ENPI Civil Society Initiative, on which the European Commission seeks an initial reaction and input from the main CSO platforms with activities in the Neighbourhood region.


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