In the Core of Partnerships

V4 transition experience transfer for enhancing EaP CSOs' sustainability

the project is supported within the
V4EaP Extended Standard Grant Program of the International Visegrad Fund.

Visegrad Fund


Short project description

4 V4 and 2 EaP partners aim at implementing a 13-month-long project strengthening civil society organizations (CSOs) in Georgia and Moldova.
The project focuses on long term sustainability, the capacity building of EaP CSOs for developing and implementing projects addressing local problems that favour cooperation with local government or local businesses, networking and pull in a variety of resources. The experiences of EaP partners are going to be documented and distributed on EaP and V4 levels.

Target groups and groups benefiting from the project

  1. CSOs in Georgia and Moldova. CSOs are going to be reached nationwide through advertising the needs assessment and training programs. Directly an estimated 25-25 CSOs is going to be involved in needs assessment researches, 15-15 CSOs in trainings, 10/15 - 10/15 CSOs in on-line consultations/mentoring and awarding in both countries.
  2. Local governments (LGs) and businesses in Georgia and Moldova. 5-5 LGs and 5-5 local businesses are going to be invited to trainings in both countries.
  3. Wider circle of international development NGOs in V4 countries, civil society actors, LGs, businesses in all EaP countries are going to be addressed through distributing the film series and press releases.
  4. Wider society is addressed through the media by distributing press release and film series.


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Lead Partner

Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights
(Demokratikus Jogok Fejlesztéséért Alapítvány)


Partners in the Caucasus

International Association "Civitas Georgica"
(საერთაშორისო ასოციაცია "კივიტას გეორგიკა")


"CONTACT" National Centre of Assistance and Information of NGOs in Moldova
(Centrul National de Asistenta si informare a ONG urilor din Moldova "CONTACT")


NGO "Independent Institute for Law and Civil Society"
(НПO "Независимый Институт права и гражданского общества") (Transnistria)



Partners in Visegrad countries

Partners for Democratic Change Slovakia
(PDCS, o.z.)


Agora Central Europe
(Agora Central Europe)


Partners Poland Foundation
(Fundacja Partners Polska)


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