Rock School in Mitrovica: „There's No Neutral Zone ”

2010.09.06 - Linder Bálint

Both Albanians and Serbs live in this town of Northern Kosovo, but are separated from each other. A civil initiative strives to use music and attract youngsters to bring these suffering communities closer to each other. Can the situation be improved, while in the 'big politics' things remain unchanged?

(In Hungarian)

Bank of the Poor

2010.07.05 - Linder Bálint

[in Hungarian only]

Dakka, Banglades: Cities of Fake Drivers Licences

2010.03.22 - Linder Bálint

According the the recently published research by the London-based Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the most attractive city in the world is Vancouver. The second  to the last  one is the capital of  Banglades. Perhaps not by accident.

[in Hungarian only]

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