Increasing Fundraising Capacities

Fundraising is at a low level in Hungary: civil society organisations can reach out and engage only a few private and corporate donors - if they at all attempt to. Nonetheless, there are many good examples abroad - even in Central Europe....


Sustainable financing

The chronically under-capitalized civil sector raises questions as it increases dependency of project-financing and reduces innovation skills of NGOs. There is a global / European tendency to transform civil society actors into social enterprises as well as to create a new, entrepreneurial leg of NGOs.

Social Innovation Park 

Improving Transparency & Impact

Increasing transparency and accountability of civil society organisations may strengthen fundraising capacities and constituency outreach. DemNet provides NGOs with methodology and support to work transparenly and to better demonstate impact they make.


Accessibility to Financial Services

NGOs in Hungary are suffering from the lack of stable finacial resources, sustainabilty of organisations has not been achieved. Our goal is to connect civil society organisations with actors of the financial market to ensure easier accessibility to financial services and to achieve full cost recovery in financial planning. Nevertheless, a new actor is to be introduced in the financial market: the NGO.


Cross-Sector Co-operation

The civil society can not be developed as its own; effective programmes can not exist without the involvement of other sectors (corporates, local governments). The co-operation of NGOs and local governments is a fundamental process; working in partnership has an increased demand on both sides.


Public Advocacy

It is a very important role for civil society organisations to make a public control over the government and authorities, to advocate for public interest and to enforce the implementation of laws and other policies. NGOs in Hungary still have a long way to go; there are only a few good examples for effective advocacy. Nonetheless, there is high demand for it at both central and local levels.

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